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| posté le 27/02/2006 | Par Olivier |
Le 11/02/2006 ouverture de New York Birds
| posté le 28/05/2006 | Par moi |
| posté le 20/06/2006 | Par jess |
:D great
| posté le 16/07/2006 | Par Rom1 chabot |
It\'s a wonderful edifice !impressive!
| posté le 12/08/2006 | Par Howard |
I can smell the aromas from Dominics
| posté le 17/08/2006 | Par Olivier |
Le site depasse les 100.000 visiteurs
| posté le 26/08/2006 | Par Roger |
Great pic... this is my neighborhood and home!
| posté le 27/08/2006 | Par mény |
what a country!! love it!!
| posté le 09/10/2006 | Par babar |
it\'s woderfull !!
| posté le 23/10/2006 | Par blue eyes |
Grew up where Linden Blvd, Bedford Ave. & Caton Ave. met forming a safety zone that was our punch-ball stadium. Now it is a little park. The kids there will never know about playing in that zone. Yes it was in the center of traffic, but what a time we had.
| posté le 22/11/2006 | Par BOB |
J\'habite en france et le nom de jeune fille de mon epouse est Caton.J\'aimeais savoir exactement ou se situe CATON AVENUE.

| posté le 23/11/2006 | Par Olivier |
Bob pour Caton Avenue direction Brooklyn

Clique sur ce lien, cela va t\'ouvrir Google map sur Caton Avenue,+brooklyn,+NY+,+USA&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1&iwloc=addr

| posté le 29/11/2006 | Par The Set |
May I congratulate you on a brillliant set of photographs of this island.
| posté le 21/03/2007 | Par steven |
hi, im steven and i´m from germany,i like ny
| posté le 29/03/2007 | Par Dick |
I\'m interested in using your aerial photos of Roosevelt Island for the Roosevelt Island Community Newspaper, The Main Street WIRE. Please contact me at
| posté le 18/04/2007 | Par Jessica |
Brings back so many memories. I used to live on 196th and valentine ave. and this is the park my parents used to take us to play, it\'s where we learned how to ride our bikes. Thanks for the picture.
| posté le 18/04/2007 | Par Jessica |
poe park that is. Forgot to mention what park :)
| posté le 18/04/2007 | Par La vuerda |
| posté le 03/09/2007 | Par aida |
es una bonita vista panoramica de la ciudad me encanta brooklyn algun dia voy a estar ahi.
| posté le 14/01/2009 | Par Paolo Pomponio |
how can i purchase the fotos ?
| posté le 04/02/2010 | Par Aude |
| posté le 12/04/2011 | Par mariscal |
Very strange to see how desertic it became.
My mother was working at the world\'s fair in 64/65 and I was there almost every day. Everything has been wiped out. Too bad...
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